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Show Overview

If broadband is your life, this is your event.

What are you doing to capitalize on the power and potential of broadband technology?

Building resilient high-speed networks? Delivering reliable broadband access to businesses and homes? Selling interactive, rich media, video on demand, and other broadband services?

No matter what you’re doing in the expanding world of broadband, this event is for you. Because Broadband Year 2000 is really 3 conferences in 1, plus a 100% broadband exposition with a variety of interactive, learning opportunities on the show floor.

It’s a Infrastructure Conference where you’ll get up to speed on all the latest cutting-edge breakthroughs shaping the future of broadband. It’s an Access Conference where you’ll explore the technologies, deployment strategies, and equipment behind new offerings to the home and business. And it’s a Business Opportunities Conference where you’ll learn to turn innovative products and relentless customer service into competitive advantage, sponsored by Cahners In-Stat Group.

In addition, Broadband Year offers the Yankee Group Executive Summit for high-level executives who want to step back and look at the big picture in terms of broadband business and technology.

And, the Broadband Connections, a mini-conference right on the show floor is a great opportunity for end-users looking to get up to speed on basic broadband business and technology.

Broadband Year 2000 is the premier forum for displaying integrated high-bandwidth technologies. It’s literally a who’s who and what’s hot in broadband technologies. See over 100 products and services firsthand. Meet one-on-one with the people and companies who are developing cutting-edge applications and providing high-bandwidth services. Be among the first to know about the technology breakthroughs that are affecting our future. And learn right on the show at the Broadband Home/Office Experience, the Broadband Showcase Demos, and other special events!

In short Broadband Year 2000 is the one place on earth where those who build, provide or sell broadband can get a world-class technical and business education. This highly-focused, in-depth conference and exposition is your definitive source for information and knowledge on emerging products, technologies, and strategies for success.

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