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Show Overview

The Business Opportunities Conference
Track b3:
Interactive Broadband Services
(Part II of II)

Track Leader:
Dennis Sullivan,
Executive Director, Corporate Marketing
Stellar One Corporation

The adoption of Interactive Broadband Services is moving at warp speed. Acquisitions are at an all-time high as companies’ jockey for position to capitalize on this new and emerging market that is co-dependent on high bandwidth capacity. Customers are driving network infrastructure companies, to provide more and more bandwidth for switched public and private networks. Network Owners, Operators, and Service Providers are looking to compete with the cable companies in the entertainment space, while cable companies are looking to compete with the Telcos in the voice and data over IP space. Corporations who usually own their own networks, are looking to optimize their networks and deploy video for applications like high bandwidth video conferencing, distance learning and telemedicine. Hotels are feverishly upgrading their in-room Video-on-Demand systems to include high-speed Internet access and Email.

What is this thing called Interactive Broadband Services? How do you go about deploying these services and realizing a positive return on your investment and effort? What are the pieces to the broadband puzzle, necessary to create a true end-to-end broadband system?

This track will give you valuable information, from experts in their field, who are involved with globally deploying Interactive Broadband Services today. Everything is covered in this IBS track from the various video servers, real time encoders, set-top systems, development of broadband applications, configuring your network for video deployment, video encoding, and various considerations to be taken under advisement, depending upon network types to be used. This track will even cover the acquisition and/or licensing of Hollywood content.

25% of all households are expected to have broadband access by the year 2001. If you want to find out how you or your company can play in this broadband space, then this is the track to attend.

Actual miniature broadband networks will be set up for you to develop applications and deploy video across these networks¾ first hand.

Who Should Attend:
Anyone with an interest in broadband consumer services; service providers looking to extend their revenue generating services to include more than just the Internet; ISPs, ASPs, ILECs, CLECs, and Network Owners, Content Provides and/or Aggregators will find this track of high interest in a ready-to-boom convergence market.

Thursday, June 29, 2000

8:00 – 9:15 AM
Enterprise & Residential Deployments

The first part covers issues surrounding the development and deployment of broadband streaming media technologies in corporate environments. The advent of widespread broadband access means changing business models for the development and deployment of streaming and on-demand audio, video, and multimedia. Consumers and businesses alike are using these new high-speed connections to spend more time online, stream more audio and video, and consume more services. These changing habits mean that network resources must be optimized in order to deliver the highest quality experience while using the least amount of bandwidth. Learn the latest in the development and deployment of broadband streaming media technologies that will enable xDSL, Cable Modem, Digital TV and Satellite providers to deliver the highest quality encoded media.

The second part takes you from Nevada to Cairo, Egypt, as the companies actually involved with deploying interactive broadband services let you know what they have learned. Regardless if you are working with Independent Local Exchange Carriers to deliver interactive services to the home, or with the telcos to deliver services to a hotel, you need to be in this session. Broadband streaming media is key to the success of those deployments. Hear from the broadband experts that have had to think about everything from the client device to the server, and from content to network infrastructure. These session are so full of new information, you can’t even read about what you will learn here.


Martin Dunsmuir
General Manager, Broadband Systems

Dr. Mohamed Osama
Vice Chairman
Trans Global Technologies

11:00 AM – 12:15 PM
Case Study – Launching an Interactive Broadband Service

As one of the first entrants into the broadband portal space, NBC Internet, Inc. will offer a unique insight regarding the usage patterns, behaviors, and process involved in rolling out a comprehensive broadband content offering. This presentation will cover topics regarding the full life cycle of building an interactive service such as market evaluation, definition of the service, evaluation and integration of content partners, interface design, product development and ongoing content programming and production. It will also examine user behavior and interest in various content areas.

  • What lessons were learned from launching the first broadband service
  • How broadband fundamentally enhances entertainment on the Net
  • How to create win-win broadband partnerships
  • Industry direction of broadband; DSL vs. cable
  • Business integration: broadband working with a major media network


Benjamin Feinman
Group Product Manager, Broadband & Multimedia
NBC Internet, Inc

2:45 – 4:00 PM
Broadband Video – A Hands-on Experience

In this first come first serve day long lab, limited to just 5 people per hour and a half, you'll not only learn how to deploy video over Ethernet, ATM and OC-3 type networks, but also how to build a video application for deployment. Each person will get a miniature broadband system to develop and deploy video on. Plus, you'll see how to deploy other applications over the network for access by the user on either a PC or a TV. This is a real broadband hands-on experience. Don't miss the broadband wagon.


Bill Spears
Vice President, Systems Planning
Stellar One Corporation

4:15 – 5:30 PM
Bandwidth Conservation through IP Multicast Technology

The Internet is quickly becoming a primary source of news and entertainment for many of us. However, most webcasts have not lived up to expectations or the hype. Both service providers and content providers are looking for efficient, high-speed distribution systems to transmit their content to Internet users around the world. Internet users want a broadcast-quality experience at their desk.

Attendees to this session will understand the market and technology forces shaping the course of media content distribution and multicast deployment in service provider and enterprise networks. The session also will cover why multicast is essential for service offerings of audio and video streaming and distribution over the Internet to realize full market potential in the next few years. We will review the status of multicast technology -- including the latest information on protocols (PIM, MBGP and MSDP), standards and development efforts - which will arm attendees with information necessary to choose and deploy a multicast solution that will grow as their network grows. Both service providers and enterprise network managers will understand the business and technological benefits of deploying multicast.

  • What market and technology forces are shaping the course of media content distribution and multicast deployment in service provider and enterprise networks?
  • Find out why multicast is essential for service offerings of audio and video streaming and distribution over the Internet to realize full market potential.
  • Learn how to deploy multicast in your network and the benefits of deploying multicast.


Shannon Pleasant
Director, Voice and Data Communications
General Bandwidth

B-Innovator Broadband Year Tech Library