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Show Overview

The Business Opportunities Conference
Track b1: Interactive Broadband Services
(Part I of 11)

Track Leader:
Dennis Sullivan, Executive Director, Corporate Marketing
Stellar One Corporation

The adoption of Interactive Broadband Services is moving at warp speed. Acquisitions are at an all-time high as companies’ jockey for position to capitalize on this new and emerging market that is co-dependent on high bandwidth capacity. Customers are driving network infrastructure companies, to provide more and more bandwidth for switched public and private networks. Network Owners, Operators, and Service Providers are looking to compete with the cable companies in the entertainment space, while cable companies are looking to compete with the Telcos in the voice and data over IP space. Corporations who usually own their own networks, are looking to optimize their networks and deploy video for applications like high bandwidth video conferencing, distance learning and telemedicine. Hotels are feverishly upgrading their in-room Video-on-Demand systems to include high-speed Internet access and Email.

What is this thing called Interactive Broadband Services? How do you go about deploying these services and realizing a positive return on your investment and effort? What are the pieces to the broadband puzzle, necessary to create a true end-to-end broadband system?

This track will give you valuable information, from experts in their field, who are involved with globally deploying Interactive Broadband Services today. Everything is covered in this IBS track from the various video servers, real time encoders, set-top systems, development of broadband applications, configuring your network for video deployment, video encoding, and various considerations to be taken under advisement, depending upon network types to be used. This track will even cover the acquisition and/or licensing of Hollywood content.

25% of all households are expected to have broadband access by the year 2001. If you want to find out how you or your company can play in this broadband space, then this is the track to attend.

Actual miniature broadband networks will be set up for you to develop applications and deploy video across these networks¾ first hand.

Who Should Attend:
Anyone with an interest in broadband consumer services; service providers looking to extend their revenue generating services to include more than just the Internet; ISPs, ASPs, ILECs, CLECs, and Network Owners, Content Provides and/or Aggregators will find this track of high interest in a ready-to-boom convergence market.

Wednesday, June 28, 2000

8:00 – 9:15 AM
Enabling Rich Media Content on the Internet

Internet content delivery is white hot, and rightly so. Every day, more enterprise businesses are using rich media on the Internet to increase their reach and directly effect return on investment. However, while distribution of rich content has become one of the hottest uses of the Internet since E-mail, there is more to content distribution than listening to your favorite tunes and watching music videos. This presentation will address the evolution of Internet content distribution and the impact it has had. It will also give an overview of the content delivery market, technologies, and the innovative solutions created to enable Internet content and avoid congestion on the web.

  • Learn how rich Internet content can be used throughout the enterprise.
  • Find out what to look for and what to watch out for in a content distribution solution.
  • What distinguishes a content publisher-driven solution from a network or ISP-driven solution?
  • How are ISPs and enterprises benefiting from these solutions and complimentary services?


Mac Agan
Director, Internet Edge Services

Michael Casey
Founder and CEO
GMV Network

Tom Britt
Chairman & CEO
Channelseek, Inc.

9:30 – 10:45 AM
The Art of Licensing Content from Hollywood

Every service provider and network owner planning to deploy interactive broadband consumer services such as Video on Demand should first learn to navigate the complex waters of "Hollywood" content acquisition. There are a number of licensing issues and variables that can cause your project to sink or swim. Financial exposure can be overwhelming if you have not gone through the proper channels and procedures to legally license content. This session will get you on the right track. The number of experts in this field are very few and it is likely that you may not get another chance to get such qualified inside information.

  • If I license a feature film for use in the United States, can I distribute it in Europe?
  • What about public domain properties?
  • Are there different rules about licensing content for digital distribution over switched public and private networks, or is this new ground where the rules have yet to be written?
  • Once I license a feature film, can I just go anywhere to have it encoded, or do I have to use an approved encoding facility.


Bethany Gorfine
Federal Hill Communications



1:45 – 3:00 PM
Taking Care of Business: New Technologies, Applications & Services

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. No matter what kind of business model you may have, it may not be the right one depending upon what region you are planning to deploy your broadband services. Find out what the hidden agendas are by the Telcos as it varies from region to region. There are five different network types and seven distinct geographic regions in which various mixes of the five technologies will be deployed. The timing of each rollout of each technology in each region is different and may have an impact on your plans.

You will also learn how to leverage new business models to deliver differentiated IP services in a multi-carrier environment, and how to identify and evaluate the new broadband technologies that are required to build new business models. You will learn how to identify and meet user demand for circuit-quality, end-to-end usage-based bandwidth solutions and how to deliver solutions that meet specific application requirements.

Avoid the pitfalls by learning first hand what’s going on in the industry from a technology standpoint and how to leverage the most successful business model for your services.


Gerry Kaufhold
Principal Analyst, Digital Television
Cahner’s In-Stat

Michael Golden
Executive Vice President & General Manager
Warp Speed Communications

David Frankel
Founder and CTO

3:15 – 4:00 PM
Video and MPEG Issues -- The Big Picture

How do you maintain account information and payment information in the complex world of broadband content? This session will show you what you have to manage and how to do it. From complex contracts, content properties, available dates for programming to media assets, it’s all in here.


Mark Schaszberger
IMAKE Software & Services, Inc.

Marc Morin
PIXStream, Inc.

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