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Show Overview

The Yankee Group Executive Summit
at Broadband Year 2000

A Research-based Executive Summit focusing on the Supply and Demand of Broadband Access for the Residential and Business Markets for 2000 and Beyond

June 27-28, 2000
The Fairmont Hotel, San Jose

Produced in partnership with:
The Yankee Group   Broadband Year 2000Broadband Year 2000
Sponsored by :

"A new generation of content, services and commerce applications are being enabled by broadband deployments in the residential and business markets, and this conference will focus on the interplay of demand, supply and strategy factors that will determine success."

Berge Ayvazian, President and CEO of the Yankee Group.


You’re invited to this exclusive 2-day landmark demand-side summit focusing on Business and Consumer Broadband Access for the E-conomy. This noteworthy event will feature sessions delivered by the Yankee Group’s top analysts covering the reality of today’s broadband access services, an in-depth look at suppliers and a review of the challenges users and suppliers face. It will also include presentations from leading-edge corporations, a working lunch with the industry’s top minds, as well as a vendor question and answer panel.

Highlights Include:

  • Research results will be revealed from Yankee Group’s industry-renowned Technically Advanced Family® (TAF®) survey focusing on the demand for residential broadband services and applications.
  • The Executive Summit will also feature the results of a brand-new Yankee 100 survey that highlights where business market demand for broadband services truly exists.
  • A reality check on broadband access by Yankee Group’s Analysts – Presenting the accessibility of DSL, Cable, Wireless and other technologies in the consumer and business marketplace
  • An in-depth look at Broadband Suppliers
  • A review of the challenges businesses and service providers face in infrastructure build-out and network management

Research-based Executive Summit focusing on the Supply and Demand of Broadband Access for 2000 and Beyond

Broadband access services are the talk of the town. Consumers want them for faster Internet access. Businesses – large, medium and small – need the bandwidth to develop communication and e-commerce initiatives. Choosing between and providing the different access opportunities – DSL, Cable, Wireless and other new technologies – is challenging.

That’s why Broadband Year is jointly producing this monumental summit with The Yankee Group—a global research and consulting firm specializing in technology research for the Internet economy. Yankee’s top analysts as well as other top industry leaders will spend one and a half days with executives from communications service providers and the enterprise, giving them a complete understanding of the technology, application opportunities and access capability they need to succeed.

The program was exclusively designed for senior-level broadband leaders including:

  • VPs/Directors of:
    • Strategic Planning
    • Business Development
    • Service/Product Planning
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Regulatory Planning
    • Operations
    • Network Planning

Agenda - Tuesday June 27, 2000

(Preliminary–all sessions subject to change)

8:30 – 9:00 AM
Networking Breakfast

9:00 AM
Opening Remarks
Berge Ayvazian, CEO, the Yankee Group

Demand and Supply: An Industry Perspective on the Future of Broadband Access


Eric Hindin, Senior Director, Data Communications
The Yankee Group

Matt Davis, Senior Analyst, Data Communications
The Yankee Group

TBA, Consumer Market Convergence
The Yankee Group

Meredith Rosenberg, Director, Consumer Market Convergence
The Yankee Group

Broadband services both for consumers and businesses, ranging from cable modems to DSL to integrated access services, are catching on in a big way, but they’ve had their fits and starts. What does the future hold and who will meet the demand that exists? Drawing upon the results of the Yankee Group’s Technically Advanced Family® (TAF®) survey and our surveys of small and medium business and Fortune 1000 companies, we’ll define how and where broadband services and likely to be adopted and those factors that will inhibit uptake or cause consumers and businesses to eagerly jump on board. The discussion will be balanced by a look at the service providers, from CLECs to ILECs to ISPs to wireless service providers, that have rolled out service or that are gearing up to meet demand. We’ll pick winners and losers. Count on more than few surprises within our predictions.

Reality Check: Broadband Access Services


Matt Davis, Senior Analyst, Data Communications
The Yankee Group

What broadband access services are really available in what locations and what capabilities do the services really offer? Is their such a thing as a service level agreement? What do the services really cost, both in terms of bandwidth and operations? This session will take an in-depth look at the services and associated functionality that are available today towards the goal of understanding what’s real and what’s not and how services are likely to change in the future. Case study data and actual service provider responses to RFPs will be utilized.

12:15 – 1:30 PM

The Current Consumer Broadband Landscape and Related Market Strategies


Meredith Rosenberg, Director, CMC
The Yankee Group

What are the pressing issues facing broadband providers today as they focus on the consumer market? How can they overcome these challenges? What is driving provisioning of services? This session will examine the state of consumer broadband services in the U.S., highlighting the best practices from key players in the industry. We’ll discuss the notable market drivers and hot buttons, such as: provisioning, regulation, integrated service offerings, as well as other issues affecting service providers’ strategies. We’ll also touch on the future, and what it might hold; from fixed wireless services to fully automated service provisioning.

Sponsor Technology Panel Discussion
Panelist from our sponsoring organizations will be giving a brief presentation to be followed by Yankee Group led Q & A

Industry Guest Speaker: TBD

5:30 – 7:00 PM
Special Networking Cocktail Reception for Sponsors and Executive Attendees

Agenda - Wednesday, June 28, 2000

7:30 – 8:00 AM
Networking Breakfast

8:00 AM
Infrastructure and Its Impact on Services


Matt Davis, Senior Analyst, Data Communications
The Yankee Group

Service providers are devising a wide variety of network architectures in support of broadband services. The key is to come up with an architecture that allows end-to-end connectivity, scales as user demand increases and is transport technology agnostic." The session will describe the typical broadband access point of presence and the logical services layer that service providers are building so that they can offer value-added services, ranging from IVPNs to Web caching, on top of and independent from the access technology and equipment they implement.

The Network Management and OSS Challenge


Eric Hindin, Senior Director, Data Communications
The Yankee Group

Do service providers know when performance and reliability is compromised? Do they know when a customer needs more bandwidth or lines? What about usage-based billing? Network management and operational support systems are crucial if broadband access services are to catch on with businesses and provide the means for service providers to realize acceptable profit levels. To date, service providers have been to busy just building out their networks to pay much attention. This session will look at the systems that leading-edge service providers are implementing and the off-the-shelf enabling products that are available.

The Broadband Consumer: Profile and Preferences


Meredith Rosenberg, Director, Consumer Market Convergence
The Yankee Group

The Yankee Group’s annual Technologically Advanced Familyâ survey, as well as other Consumer Market Convergence research, analyzes consumers’ attitudes towards new broadband services including Internet access. The results allow us to create a robust profile of the customer most likely to subscribe to these services. This session will discuss this target customer, exploring preferences for service providers and key demographics. Additionally, we will explore trends and consumer segment (such as the early adopters, telecommuter, and work-at-home user) preferences governing introduction and adoption of other related services. We’ll also discuss the new class of integrated service providers and how consumer preferences may help their cause and affect strategies.

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Opening Keynote


Leo J. Hindery, Jr
Global Crossing

12:15 PM – 1:00 PM
VIP Summit Tour of the Broadband Year Exposition
San Jose Convention Center

4:45 PM – 6:00 PM
Closing Keynote


Robert Knowling, Jr.
Chairman, CEO and President
Covad Communications

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