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Show Overview

Direct from the Broadband Year 99 on-site survey
San Diego Convention Center
July 12-16, 1999

The Broadband Market is Explosive and so is the opportunity!

The Broadband Year 99 Event took place July 12-16, 1999 at the San Diego Convention Center. Thousands of IT and Networking Executives/Engineers came together to buy, sell, and learn about High Bandwidth networking architecture. During this time, 436 attendees completed an interactive survey on pen-based computers, which provided insight to their interests and purchase plans. See for yourself the opportunity available in this explosive market!

Key Findings:

  • Attendees expect to spend an average of $9.5 million on networking/communications equipment and services seen on the show floor at Broadband 1999.
  • The average company at Broadband Year 99 had over 6,900 employees.
  • 52% of attendees outsource part of their entire broadband network.
  • 88% of attendees are actively involved in purchasing products.

Industries Represented:

Industries Represented

Who attended:

Industry Leaders

Strong Interest for Broadband Year 2000 Exhibit Floor:

The top technologies that attendees want to see at the Broadband Year 2000 event are listed below.

  • IP – Internet protocol, connectionless LAN and WAN technology
  • DSL – digital subscriber lines, high speed, asymmetric access technology
  • Gigabit Ethernet – LAN technology that operates at gigabit/second
  • SONET – high quality, very high speed optical transmission technology
  • Long Distance Learning
  • Broadband Applications and Services
  • Multimedia Products and Services
  • ATM – high speed cell-based, connection oriented LAN and WAN technology
  • Optical Networking Products and Services
  • Network Testing Equipment and Software

Top Reasons to Attend:

Attendees have a variety of important reasons for attending the Broadband Year. The following are some of the top goals noted.

  • Keeping up to date on high bandwidth networking technologies
  • See new Products
  • Network with industry people
  • Attend keynote sessions
  • See specific vendors
  • Try hands-on demos
  • Finalize purchase decision

Product Categories in Demand:

The attendees came to Broadband Year 99 looking for a broad range of products. Below shows the leading categories they were seeking.

Products in Demand

Attendee Purchasing Power & Involvement:

88% percent of attendees are actively involved in the purchase of Broadband products and services in the following ways:

Purchase Power

You won’t want to miss out on being a part of Broadband Year 2000 where the most influential buyers of broadband technology come with the power to buy and the money to spend.

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