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Broadband Year 2000

Broadband Year 2000 offers 3 conferences in 1 event. Each conference provides solutions-oriented education whether you build, provide or sell broadband. Choose from the following Conference Programs:

Plus, Broadband Year also features the Yankee Group Executive Summit and the Broadband Connections conference.

The Infrastructure Conference

Why is it more important than ever to stay up to speed on technology developments? Because corporate business planning and individual career advancement depend on making the right choices among the dizzying range of options available today.

The 7 Infrastructure Conference Tracks discusses these options and issues in detail. It is your source for quality information, presented by authoritative experts and industry leaders. You’ll walk away with the tools you need to make intelligent and profitable choices – today and down the road.

Track i1: Designing an Optical Network

Track i2: Building Next Generation Voice Networks
(Part I of II)

Track i3: Interoperating Broadband Technologies

Track i4: Developing a Wireless Network

Track i5: Building Next Generation Voice Services
(Part II of II)

Track i6: Managing Multiservice Network

Track i7: Architecting, Implementing and Managing VPN Services

The Access Conference

Lodged between the high-speed LAN backbones in the enterprise and the service providers’ core networks, you’ll find the weak link in the broadband networking – access. Service providers face a number of key challenges in delivering and using new broadband access options. The Broadband Year 2000 Access Conference is your chance to explore new technologies, examine deployment strategies, and take an in-depth look at the equipment that will anchor new access offerings to both the enterprise and consumer.

The fact is, millions of businesses and homes are clamoring for higher speed Internet connections, higher quality transmission, and lower cost voice, video, and data services. Discover the best way to provide it at the 2 Access Conference Tracks:

Track a1: Accessing the Last Mile to the Business

Track a2: Building the Last Mile to the Home

The Business Opportunities Conference

Sponsored by :
Cahners In-Stat Group

The networking industry is changing at an astounding pace. What can you do to capture your share of this explosive market? What’s the best way to turn breakthrough services and attentive customer service into a competitive advantage? The Broadband Year 2000 Business Opportunities Conference presents the most important issues facing service providers today. It’s your own chance to evaluate new product technologies, explore delivery methodologies, and learn form the real-world experiences of the most successful service providers.


Service providers, ISPs, ASPs, ILECs, CLECs, network owners, and content providers or aggregators. Network service providers, senior planning, service development, and service management staff. Enterprise network management and planning staff. Strategic planners, entrepreneurs and executives from both enterprise and carrier organizations.

Track b1: Interactive Broadband Services
(Part I of II)

Track b2: Planning, Managing and Evolving New Services

Track b3: Interactive Broadband Services
(Part II of II)

Track b4: A View on Technology and Business Issues

Track b5: VoIP: Challenges and Solutions

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