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In order to cater to the needs of our exhibitors and sponsoring publications/associations, we have designed this page for you to download our Broadband Year 2000 logo in many different file formats depending on your desired needs. Click on the file format you desire to download.

*Please Note*
Depending on your needs for the Broadband Year 2000 logo, logo file formats are very important to take into consideration.

If you plan to use the Broadband Year 2000 logo for printing purposes, use either an EPS file format or a TIFF file format since they are high-resolution graphics designed for printing purposes.

If you plan to use the Broadband Year 2000 logo for Web purposes, use a GIF file format since it is a low-resolution graphic designed for web purposes.

Below are the Broadband Year 2000 logo choices for you to download in various formats:

Important Download Instructions

To download an image do not click on the download link, instead put your mouse pointer on the link and click your right mouse button to bring up a selection menu. If you are using Netscape select "Save link as" and if you are using Internet Explorer select "Save target as" to save the file on your local computer.


Download 4 color tiff file

Download black and white tiff file

Download medium gif file

Download large gif file

Download spot color eps file

Download black and white eps file

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